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I always ask myself what photography really is. There is no easy answer, I'm sure, but for me it's all about that special feeling that links the person who took the photo to the one that admires it. This is what makes a photo unique between millions of other photos that apparently look the same. In everyday life I'm a chemical engineer that works for big companies that make the plastics, the pigments, the coating, the energy...etc...that Canon used to build my 350D, 40D, 70D, 7D MKII and my lens, but not the passion that ignites what now is a part time job. My life is closely related to the sea from which I can't separate for long. I have to give a special thank to my friend Martina, one of the smartest women around, for pushing me to make the first web-site. I really hope you appreciate my photos, and if you need a photographer for a sports event...please contact me at giotesei@yahoo.it or +39 348 3120926